Monday, September 29, 2008

Busy weekend...the recap

We survived the weekend! Friday night the kids and I went to Dawn's to celebrate Heather's birthday. Brian had to work. It was a fun and relaxed time and I enjoyed spending time with Dawn, her step dad Bob, Catherine, Steve, Dave and the kids. Saturday, the kids and I got up and finished the grocery list, straightened the house, went grocery shopping, came home and made a cake and took showers. By then Brian was getting home and Cory's guests were arriving. I lucked out, since we miscounted and realized we would have to take 2 vehicles! Brian volunteered to drive the van, with all 5 boys and Jessie and I took the car!! Wow, teenage boys can eat a lot of pizza and dessert from a buffet! I don't think we could have fed them any other way! When we got home, Brian and the boys settled into movies and video games and Jessie and I hid ourselves away upstairs playing the High School musical DVD game. I won... Only 2 of the boys spent the night. Sunday morning, I woke up way too early, around 5 am, just in time to hear Brian tell Cory he had to go to bed! Brian was getting ready to go to church. When you meet in a gymnasium, the set up guys have to get there really early to set up the stage, lights, sound system, chairs, Sunday school areas, nursery etc. I went back to bed and then overslept till 8:20!! I was supposed to teach Sunday school at 9:30! I had planned ahead as far as getting a bunch of sleepy boys up, so I put the bacon in the microwave and set to waking them up. They did very well, especially since none of them went to bed before 4 am! I hope Stephen didn't end up with a migraine because of it. We got to church around 9:40 and thanks to my friend Carol setting up the DVD player with her copy of the DVD, I was ready when the kids were dismissed from worship! We had a GREAT lesson. The kids and I are really getting into this Spy series. They are learning about prophets and the things God told people through the prophets. Look for some pics next week. Several of the girls have really gotten into our main song and they are so cute doing to motions! As long as it is ok with their parents, I will have their pics up next week. After church, we went to Rock Group. It was good to see (almost) everyone, even if it was just for a little while. We missed the Hathcocks, but hope John Riley did well in the tournament. We left rock group and went to help unload pumpkins. We almost missed it. The truck is always late, and it always takes hours to unload...but not this time. The truck was on time and we probably had triple the number of people we usually have. It was great to see so many people there and to realize that our church has grown to a size that I didn't even recognize all of the people who showed up. There was a time when I knew everyone in the church by name!! We came home, showered, ate and went to bed. Whew!! While I am glad not every weekend is quite that busy, it was fun!

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