Tuesday, November 25, 2008

golf ball

a golf ball becomes an instrument of torture in the hands of a physical therapist

addicted to facebook

I am hooked.... I have to figure out how to manage my time with that "black hole of time" in my life. I don't want to give it up because it is so cool to see what is going on with people at any given time...

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

report cards....

Jessie got her first ever report card with letter grades...all A's!!! Cory brought his grades up a lot after a not so good progress report. A'sand B's. He will do better next time.

Monday, November 10, 2008

down, but not out

today was my first therapy day for my wrist. it hurt A Lot, and it was very discouraging. i can barely move it and any movement hurts. i felt like such a baby because the whole experience made me cry. the worst part was i couldn't dry it up before the therapist returned with my water. (she went to get ice water because the pain was making me feel sick.) she said this is normal because the sympathetic nervous system responds in this way at times. i wish mine wasn't quite so sympathetic!! i went up to work to take back the coolers i had picked up for them at cc griffin last week. what a dork! i was supposed to work today! i just assumed that i wouldn't work today since it was Monday and that is usually not a busier day. now i only get to work one day this week. well, at least i got the first therapy day out of the way. it has to get better from here!

Friday, November 7, 2008

friday reflections

  • i got my cast off today. i am now in a removable wrist brace. a real shower tonight with no zip lock bags or duct tape! yea!! the wrist looks gross, bloody and small.
  • for some odd reason i was shocked when the doc told me 4 more weeks of no work with the left arm. i still need pain meds every six hours and cannot stand for there to be any weight on the arm. by the end of the day i can't even stand for the fingers on my left hand to touch each other!
  • i am sad because 2 people i liked at work quit abruptly yesterday after i left. i knew one of them was upset about something, but with her limited English and my more limited Spanish i could do little to comfort her. i am glad i took the time to give her a hug and let her know i was thinking of her. i didn't ask what happened. sometimes you can tell enough by what is not said to know to mind your own business.
  • i really wish i had been able to take a conversational Spanish class this quarter, but it is probably best i didn't since i would have missed so much right after i got hurt.
  • a sweet lady who had moved away came back and was working today! yea!
  • did i mention i get to take a real shower with no plastic or duct tape? yea!!
  • i need to figure out what is going on for Thanksgiving and Christmas this year. i usually make gifts for my friends, but that is not likely with just one arm/hand. it will also change what i can do in regards to baking/cooking. God is really working on my control issues right now! i am really having to let other people do things that i would have insisted on doing myself in the past!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


i am not happy with the results. i am proud that our country has come to a place that an African American can be elected president. i just don't like this particular choice. a very wise person said recently that he was not going to fret and wring his hands over this election because God is still in control. this has brought me great peace ever since i heard him say it. (thanks jimmy!) i was able to comfort my son with this same statement this morning as he was lamenting the outcome of the election. well, we will continue to do the best we can and trust God to take care of things.

Monday, November 3, 2008

face book

it seems just when i got caught up with what is going on with the world (having a blog), i find out i am still behind everyone else! it seems all my friends are on facebook. i thought i was too old for that stuff. i like my little blog, but i might have to check out the facebook thing.