Friday, November 7, 2008

friday reflections

  • i got my cast off today. i am now in a removable wrist brace. a real shower tonight with no zip lock bags or duct tape! yea!! the wrist looks gross, bloody and small.
  • for some odd reason i was shocked when the doc told me 4 more weeks of no work with the left arm. i still need pain meds every six hours and cannot stand for there to be any weight on the arm. by the end of the day i can't even stand for the fingers on my left hand to touch each other!
  • i am sad because 2 people i liked at work quit abruptly yesterday after i left. i knew one of them was upset about something, but with her limited English and my more limited Spanish i could do little to comfort her. i am glad i took the time to give her a hug and let her know i was thinking of her. i didn't ask what happened. sometimes you can tell enough by what is not said to know to mind your own business.
  • i really wish i had been able to take a conversational Spanish class this quarter, but it is probably best i didn't since i would have missed so much right after i got hurt.
  • a sweet lady who had moved away came back and was working today! yea!
  • did i mention i get to take a real shower with no plastic or duct tape? yea!!
  • i need to figure out what is going on for Thanksgiving and Christmas this year. i usually make gifts for my friends, but that is not likely with just one arm/hand. it will also change what i can do in regards to baking/cooking. God is really working on my control issues right now! i am really having to let other people do things that i would have insisted on doing myself in the past!

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