Friday, October 31, 2008

happy halloween

the kids are excited about halloween. cory especially, since he got his braces off and he can eat all the gooey candy and bubble gum he can get! i know some Christians are against halloween, but i think it is just an excuse for kids to play dress up and get free candy!

i am off to do my arm exercises and then go to work for a couple of hours. i am just an extra person, so if i get to tired i can rest or come home early. Amelia, you are the best!!!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

I Voted! You should too

i voted today. i thought i was being smart by going after lunch time to vote early at the harrisburg library. hah! it took about 1 hour from the time i got in line till i had cast my vote. an hour well spent. the line was even longer when i left! i am really glad i have that taken care of!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

sick kids and hurting arm

my poor kids are sick. they have all the classic strep symptoms, so we are off to the doc today. thankfully i am driving now, so i don't have to ask anyone to be around them to get us to the doc.

my arm is hurting a lot today. i am ready for the pain med to kick in. i started occupational therapy yesterday, so i suspect that is the reason i am in more pain today. that is fine with me, i will do whatever i need to, as long as it is helping me get better!

Monday, October 27, 2008


i recall not long ago complaining in my heart about cleaning the kitchen AGAIN and having to do laundry a difference a couple of weeks makes. i put a few dishes in the dishwasher and turned it on and did a load of laundry today! yea me!! i am so excited that i could get up and do these things today. now, granted, i couldn't have actually washed any dishes (still in the cast) and i couldn't fold the laundry, but hey let's not be picky here! also, thanks to my friends stephanie and nikki i have food here that i can prepare for supper with a little help from cory. again, i can't do very much, but it was something!!! stephanie got us an angel food box with frozen (cooked) salisbury steaks and nikki shopped for us so i have a can opener that cory used to open a can of green beans. brian can do boil in bag rice when he gets here and viola...dinner is served!

i know God didn't want me to get hurt, but i pray that i can learn whatever He wants me to from this whole experience.

enough about me

people and stuff i am praying for and about:

  • joe bagley and his family - joe has been in the hospital with gall bladder problems which would be bad enough if he didn't already have a brain tumor that he goes to duke for treatment for every 2 weeks
  • al neumeister - he works with my daddy. he had multiple by-pass surgery last week and it has been pretty rough going
  • a couple of my dearest friends are going thru some tough stuff right now
  • my friend brenda's cat died
  • the election
  • the economy
  • all the people who have helped our family
  • family our church is helping who lost everything to hurricane ike
  • my granny

Saturday, October 25, 2008

i am upright!

yea! i got my staples out on Thursday. i felt fine till they put some kind of medicinal glue stuff on my elbow to stick the steri strips to. it smelled so bad it made me nauseous. they gave me 7-up and i thought i would be fine after Catherine got me home. not!!!! i have been sick to my stomach since then! i ran out of the anti-nausea meds on weds. night and took the pain medicine a couple of times without it. i don't know what caused the nausea, but the dr. called me in a different pain med and some more of the anti-nausea med. i took that last night and today and i was finally able to eat some noodle soup and crackers! yea! all i did yesterday was lay on the couch and cry off and on all day. i felt so bad, my stomach felt terrible and my arm hurt because i was afraid to take pain meds without the anti-nausea meds. again, i am amazed at the huge outpouring of love and generosity from everyone in our church family! we would really have been and still would be in a bad way if not for all of the wonderful people who have taken such incredible care of us!!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

thoughts from today

  • cory got his braces off today! he was so excited. thanks tami for driving us to the appointment. i still can't drive. still need the mega pain meds.
  • had a wart burned off my face and one cut off my eyelid yesterday. still pretty sore, which is saying something since i am still on pain meds for the arm.
  • had my hair trimmed and colored yesterday, funny how something like that makes you feel better. thanks shannon, derrick, daniel and joshua.
  • thanks brian for taking me everywhere yesterday. it was nice to see my friends from chick-fil-a. i miss going to work everyday.
  • i love you catherine!
  • i am trying to take this one day at a time and focus on the positive.
  • i truly believe attitude effects how you feel and how you heal
  • God is bigger than everything else...thank goodness

Friday, October 17, 2008


it never ceases to amaze me the love and generosity that just bubbles up and out of my family, friends and church family. my family an d i have been blessed beyond my wildest dreams during this ordeal. people have brought us meals, vacuumed our home, done our grocery shopping, bought our groceries, driven me to dr. appointments, driven me to the library and taken me to lunch, taken our kids to church activities and 4h and picked them up from school every day. they have visited, called, sent cards and brought flowers and given us cash and gift cards. most important of all is all the prayers that have been said on my and my family's behalf. i have found out that not only have my friends and family prayed for me, but the churches of my friends at work and the church of a lady who works with brian. it is a most humbling experience. i am most unworthy of all of this, but by God's grace i am cared for and loved and i am forever grateful.

cool xray pictures

wednesday catherine took me to the doc. he took off the splint and took some xrays. catherine took some photos of the xrays, really cool. the elbow shows the replacement radial head and the piece that goes into the bone to stabalize my new part. i should have asked if there is a lifetime warrenty on the parts. i better find the receipt, brian always saves receipts in case we have to return something! the wrist pictures show the plate and screws that will keep my wrist together.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

things i can't do with one hand

  • unbutton my jeans!
  • open a pill bottle
  • pour from a full tea pitcher
  • put my hair in bobby pins
  • put my hair in a pony tail to wash my face

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

things i can do with one hand

  • type
  • put on certain earrings
  • zip and button my jeans
  • pour cereal

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


i am overwhelmed by God's love and the way the people in my life are so quick to share that love. i would truly be lost without them. i am still under the influence, so i don't want to call any of my angels of mercy by name. i would be devastated to think i left someone out! i love you all and i thank God for the blessings you all are in my life!

i feel bad

i felt better this morning and i guess i overdid it. i am hurting pretty bad now. the swelling is back up and my first 2 fingers look like bratwursts that were left on to cook too long and they are about to burst. they are'nt bruised or anything, just really swollen, tight and orange from the betadyne. i will try an ice pack...


i know God didn't make me fall and get this injury, but i am so thankful for the people in my life and how willing they are to show me and my family the practical love of Jesus. here is a picture i took of my fat sausage fingers.

Monday, October 13, 2008

on the mend...and overwhelming love

well, here is a recap of my weekend:
i went to work at 6 am Friday. at around 6:30 i fell from the uppermost section of the cooler backwards. i guess all of my weight landed on my elbow. i got to ride in an ambulance. long story short, i ended up with a dislocated elbow and wrist and broken bones in my wrist and elbow. i had surgery to put a plate and screws in my wrist and and to put ball and pin in my elbow. basically, i sheared off the end of my elbow and they made me a new one. i had to stay in the hospital till Sunday afternoon. first, arm and elbow pain, then reaction to the pain meds (lots of throwing up), then had to wait for the fever to go down. so glad to be home!!!!!!!!

i am overwhelmed by the love and support shown to me and my family during this difficult time. i have gotten beautiful flowers and and delicious food and much appreciated visits and phone calls and especially prayers!). i truly cannot imagine going thru life without our church family to lift me and my family up and take care of us. i am doubly blessed because of the people with whom i work. some of my friends from work came to see me in the hospital. friends from church went grocery shopping. other friends took care of getting our kids to and from school and to their church activities. sorry, capitalization too hard with one hand!
sorry if this sounds loopy, good pain meds...

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Would you do it??

I pass the Lowes Motor Speedway on my way to and from work most days. There is a huge race this weekend and there are quite literally tens of thousands of people there already camping out and hanging around. There are tons of vendors out there selling anything you can think of that might interest a race fan. I did see the funniest thing I have ever seen. Right beside Highway 29 is a little camper. They got there days ago, and I guess beat out some other vendors for the prime spot. It is not an RV, fancy motor coach, or even a fancy fifth-wheel. It is little, definitely not new, pull behind camper. It has been spray painted with the words "Body Piercing", pictures of tongue studs and other "body jewelry" and words like "free jewelry". When I say spray painted, I don't mean fancy artistic airbrushing (which of course is high brow art in anyones estimation). I mean some guy went into his yard with a can of red spray paint and went to town on this camper. Who in their right mind would have a body part pierced in a little red spray painted camper on the side of the road? Okay, maybe I just answered my own question, but still.....If I can get a picture of it, I will post it. (By the way, I have my ears double pierced and I have a tattoo, but I just don't get body piercing)

Strange Day

Work was strange today. Not bad, just strange. I was on headset, and usually on a Thursday we would be pretty busy. We were not really busy, but we just kept having the monstrous orders. I had an $86.00 order in the drive through! I had more than a normal amount of multiple orders per car. Then I had a car the kept ordering diet water and then everyone in the car would crack up laughing. They were funny and after they came through and ordered about 5 meals, they came back through and ordered one more, with....wait for water!

I promised Jessie last month that I would take her to Skate Night tonight. Yuck. What was I thinking. She is very excited and she loves skate night. Oh yeah, that is what I was thinking!

Well, I have to type Jessie's entry into the Young Author's contest, fix supper, and take a shower and have Jessie at skate night by 6:30. Probably should get started on that. (It's 4:30 now)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Random thoughts

  • feeling strongly about something doesn't make you (or me) right about it
  • I love my husband. A man who volunteers to go grocery shopping a second time in one day just so you and your friends can drown your sorrows in ice cream is head and shoulders above most men.
  • chocolate rocks
  • someone was supposed to look at our house today, but they left no card or other evidence that they were here
  • friends should contact you other than when they want to sell you something
  • I don't know if this is a fact or not, but dogs lower my blood pressure
  • cats don't have the same effect
  • many cliches and platitudes come to be so because their is some bit of truth in them
  • chocolate rocks...did I say that already?
  • I love everybody...I don't like everybody and that is ok
  • I love rain, I could watch it for hours. Does that make me simple minded, easily entertained or just appreciative of God's beautiful world
  • making people smile is a worthwhile endeavor
  • Prayer is underrated

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

10 Things I love that start with the letter O

On my friend Stephanie's blog, she wrote last week about a blog she read where the lady posted her favorite 10 things that start with the letter N. Well that lady invited others to "play along" and Stephanie wanted to play. The lady assigned her the letter P, so she posted 10 things she loves that start with the letter P. Stephanie then asked if others wanted to play along, so asked if I could play along too. I was assigned the letter O. Here are my favorite things that start with the letter O:
1. Omniscient and Omnipresent - both of course referring to God who is all knowing and everywhere. This of course, is first, the rest are in no particular order.
2. orange juice
3. origami
4. Ozzy Osbourne's song "Crazy Train"
5. otters - they are really cute
6. oven - without it I couldn't make chocolate pound cake and Thanksgiving turkey
7. oreos - specifically the chocolate covered kind.
8. ostriches - they are just funny
9. October - I love fall.
10. Offerings - an album by Third Day

Monday, October 6, 2008

My Monday Tirade

okay, I am so behind on my blog!! I have a lot of catching up to do, but today I only have time for my tirade!

Dear rude drive-through customer,
When I ask you for clarification of your order, it is not that I am stupid. You don't have to start speaking very slowly or very loudly. You also do not need to ask me very slowly and/or loudly if I understand ANYTHING AT ALL! Contrary to your belief, I am not stupid or slow. It could be that the airplane flying overhead made it too loud for me to hear you. It could be that you are too rude to turn off the diesel engine of your truck and it sounds like my head is in the engine while you are ordering. It could be that the lady in the kitchen is asking me if the car ahead of you really wants a chicken sandwich with no chicken and 12 orders of fries with no salt.

I don't work here because I couldn't get a job anywhere else. I work here because it is a wonderful Christian company that respects my desire to put God first, my family second and everything else after that. I work here because I don't have to worry if I have to call in late or sick because my children need me. I work here because I enjoy it. I have a BA in Sociology. The kids I work with are all in high school or in college. Some of them work during the day because they finished high school early and are not quite ready for college. Some are taking classes at night because the class or classes they need are only offered at night. Oh, and btw...while you are rudely talking to me like I am stupid, I am recording your order on the register while making the drinks for the cars ahead of you and for you, filling milkshake and dessert orders, refilling my cups and the ice in my bin, and going to get a 10 gallon tea container to refill the tea dispenser at my work station. So if you have to wait for 30 seconds for me to answer, please keep this in mind, all the while knowing that I can't talk to you unless I have a free hand to hold down the call button on the headset. Trust me, this is a good thing, since you wouldn't want to hear what I just said!!!!