Saturday, October 25, 2008

i am upright!

yea! i got my staples out on Thursday. i felt fine till they put some kind of medicinal glue stuff on my elbow to stick the steri strips to. it smelled so bad it made me nauseous. they gave me 7-up and i thought i would be fine after Catherine got me home. not!!!! i have been sick to my stomach since then! i ran out of the anti-nausea meds on weds. night and took the pain medicine a couple of times without it. i don't know what caused the nausea, but the dr. called me in a different pain med and some more of the anti-nausea med. i took that last night and today and i was finally able to eat some noodle soup and crackers! yea! all i did yesterday was lay on the couch and cry off and on all day. i felt so bad, my stomach felt terrible and my arm hurt because i was afraid to take pain meds without the anti-nausea meds. again, i am amazed at the huge outpouring of love and generosity from everyone in our church family! we would really have been and still would be in a bad way if not for all of the wonderful people who have taken such incredible care of us!!!

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