Monday, October 6, 2008

My Monday Tirade

okay, I am so behind on my blog!! I have a lot of catching up to do, but today I only have time for my tirade!

Dear rude drive-through customer,
When I ask you for clarification of your order, it is not that I am stupid. You don't have to start speaking very slowly or very loudly. You also do not need to ask me very slowly and/or loudly if I understand ANYTHING AT ALL! Contrary to your belief, I am not stupid or slow. It could be that the airplane flying overhead made it too loud for me to hear you. It could be that you are too rude to turn off the diesel engine of your truck and it sounds like my head is in the engine while you are ordering. It could be that the lady in the kitchen is asking me if the car ahead of you really wants a chicken sandwich with no chicken and 12 orders of fries with no salt.

I don't work here because I couldn't get a job anywhere else. I work here because it is a wonderful Christian company that respects my desire to put God first, my family second and everything else after that. I work here because I don't have to worry if I have to call in late or sick because my children need me. I work here because I enjoy it. I have a BA in Sociology. The kids I work with are all in high school or in college. Some of them work during the day because they finished high school early and are not quite ready for college. Some are taking classes at night because the class or classes they need are only offered at night. Oh, and btw...while you are rudely talking to me like I am stupid, I am recording your order on the register while making the drinks for the cars ahead of you and for you, filling milkshake and dessert orders, refilling my cups and the ice in my bin, and going to get a 10 gallon tea container to refill the tea dispenser at my work station. So if you have to wait for 30 seconds for me to answer, please keep this in mind, all the while knowing that I can't talk to you unless I have a free hand to hold down the call button on the headset. Trust me, this is a good thing, since you wouldn't want to hear what I just said!!!!


Lonnie Bateman said...

Preach it Leigh!!! THAT WAS AWESOME and well spoken!
Better day tomorrow ... Carol always makes fun of me because I just can't do the drivethrough thing... I would just rather order in person!

Shannon said...

Bad day?!? Well said! I love you...and your tirades!

Steph said...

Go get 'em Leigh. I hope today is a better day for you.