Monday, October 27, 2008


i recall not long ago complaining in my heart about cleaning the kitchen AGAIN and having to do laundry a difference a couple of weeks makes. i put a few dishes in the dishwasher and turned it on and did a load of laundry today! yea me!! i am so excited that i could get up and do these things today. now, granted, i couldn't have actually washed any dishes (still in the cast) and i couldn't fold the laundry, but hey let's not be picky here! also, thanks to my friends stephanie and nikki i have food here that i can prepare for supper with a little help from cory. again, i can't do very much, but it was something!!! stephanie got us an angel food box with frozen (cooked) salisbury steaks and nikki shopped for us so i have a can opener that cory used to open a can of green beans. brian can do boil in bag rice when he gets here and viola...dinner is served!

i know God didn't want me to get hurt, but i pray that i can learn whatever He wants me to from this whole experience.

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Steph said...

It sounds like you are feeling better. I hope you have a great week!