Friday, October 17, 2008


it never ceases to amaze me the love and generosity that just bubbles up and out of my family, friends and church family. my family an d i have been blessed beyond my wildest dreams during this ordeal. people have brought us meals, vacuumed our home, done our grocery shopping, bought our groceries, driven me to dr. appointments, driven me to the library and taken me to lunch, taken our kids to church activities and 4h and picked them up from school every day. they have visited, called, sent cards and brought flowers and given us cash and gift cards. most important of all is all the prayers that have been said on my and my family's behalf. i have found out that not only have my friends and family prayed for me, but the churches of my friends at work and the church of a lady who works with brian. it is a most humbling experience. i am most unworthy of all of this, but by God's grace i am cared for and loved and i am forever grateful.

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