Thursday, October 9, 2008

Strange Day

Work was strange today. Not bad, just strange. I was on headset, and usually on a Thursday we would be pretty busy. We were not really busy, but we just kept having the monstrous orders. I had an $86.00 order in the drive through! I had more than a normal amount of multiple orders per car. Then I had a car the kept ordering diet water and then everyone in the car would crack up laughing. They were funny and after they came through and ordered about 5 meals, they came back through and ordered one more, with....wait for water!

I promised Jessie last month that I would take her to Skate Night tonight. Yuck. What was I thinking. She is very excited and she loves skate night. Oh yeah, that is what I was thinking!

Well, I have to type Jessie's entry into the Young Author's contest, fix supper, and take a shower and have Jessie at skate night by 6:30. Probably should get started on that. (It's 4:30 now)

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