Thursday, September 11, 2008

Today we should remember

This is a happy picture of my kids one year on July 4th. We get to celebrate our country because of all of the people who are willing to risk their lives to protect it, both inside and outside our borders. 7 years ago, many who didn't volunteer for it, died in an act of war against our country.
Today is the kind of day that we all remember exactly where we were when tragedy struck our country. To all the people who think this war is unnecessary: What did you feel when you watched the towers crash and burn? What did you feel when you realized the Pentagon had been hit? When you found out that innocent people had been on all of the planes that were used as weapons to kill more innocent people? Do you really think that the average Iraqi person is evil? Or do you think they want their kids to grow up without the threat of war each and every day? The terrorists hate you. They don't care what your politics or religion is. They don't care how "liberal", "open-minded" or "politically correct" you are. They care that you are not like them. There is nothing you can do to be like them. They just want you dead. Period. So get off your high horse and reach back in your mind and in your heart and remember how you felt that day, when the greatest nation on the planet was under attack. Remember that you can go or not go to church if you so choose. Remember that you can rant and rave about how much you hate our government without being afraid of being killed. Remember you can pretty much do whatever you want, because there are people who put on a uniform and miss birthdays, Christmas, and their babies first words or steps to make you safe and keep the evil at bay, and out of your back yard. USA! USA! USA!

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