Friday, September 19, 2008

My heart is sad

Sometimes it is so hard to be an adult. Although I know God forgives us when we ask, this does not mean that the consequences for bad choices and decisions are erased. Usually I have an easier time dealing with this stuff, but not this week. I don't know why except my heart is tired right now.

My heart hurts when my friends hurt too. My dearest friend is hurting, and I wish I could make her pain go away. I am praying that her heart would not hurt and that she will have joy always.

I had a good day at work today. I work with great people who pay attention to how I am doing, and respond. Today, I wasn't up for a lot of stress and I didn't have to deal with any. I got to make box lunches and catering orders and restock coolers and other non stressful stuff. Millie makes my heart happy. Brian makes my heart happiest. He came by work today just to say Hey. He didn't come to eat, he didn't need to tell me anything, he just came to check on me and say Hey. Millie said "he really loves you"and I said "I know." God blessed my life when He sent Brian into it.
I am going outside to pull weeds and cut dead flowers. I hope this will give me peace and let me relax. It usually does.

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