Monday, September 8, 2008

Second win on the supper front

Tonight I made homemade vegetable soup and sandwiches. I cheated and used a bag of frozen veggies specifically for soup. I just had to pick out the okra...gross! I added a pint of canned tomato juice (that Jessie helped make at Ms. Jennifer's), a can of 99% fat free beef broth, water, frozen corn, water and some beef bouillon. Everyone like it but Jessie. At least she had a fairly healthy sandwich of turkey, lettuce and onions. Now I just need to try to make it as flavorful without quite as much sodium. Brian's blood pressure stays fairly high, even on 2 bp meds, so I try to watch that too! Tomorrow I will do the grilled chicken salad, which I know will be a big hit all the way around.

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Steph said...

Leigh, my Brian also has high BP and we use the low sodium beef bouillon and broth. It has helped! We eat low sodium a lot around here and it has probably helped all of us, but know that it has helped Brian.