Sunday, September 21, 2008

Busy weekend etc...

We had a pretty busy weekend. The kids and I had thought we would get up, do some chores, go grocery shopping and then go to Discount Furniture and hang out and listen to the band. My Daddy manages the furniture store and they were having a 20th anniversary sale. The man that owns the store is in a band, and they were playing in the afternoon. As it turned out, Daddy needed someone to help out with serving the hot dogs that they were giving away to the customers. The kids and I were glad to help, and it was super nice that they decided to pay us for the time. It did make our day a bit busier than planned, since our time there was longer than expected, but it was really fun. I was proud of the kids, as I told them to get paid, they had to actually help, not run around a play. They did a really good job and got lots of compliments on their customer service skills and their manners. Both pleased me immensely. By the time we finished, then listened to the band and rode back from Kannapolis....then went grocery shopping, it was nearly 8 o'clock. I still had to plan my Sunday school lesson! Fortunately, once we get into a series, it doesn't take so much prep on my part. Today was a great day at church, and this afternoon I even had time for a little nap before fixing supper and taking Cory and his friend back to church tonight. Thanks goodness Brian was so sweet to wash my uniforms for work tomorrow, since I didn't really think about it till late today!

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