Thursday, August 21, 2008

My First Post! is my very first post ever. I don't really know why I just spent 45 minutes of my life creating a blog. I can't imagine why anyone would want to know what I am thinking all the time, but I am still very excited about the whole thing, for some unknown reason.


Anonymous said...

Yeah....Leigh..!!! I'm so glad you have a Blog. I want to be able to stay connected to you - ABSOLUTELY. You inspire me!!! Love you ~~ Carol

Anonymous said...

Leigh, you are SO FAR from average! I agree with Carol - you truly inspire me also. Now that I have said that, let me just say that I an notorious for visiting my friends blogs when the first send me the link, then I never have the opportunity to check back. (Sorry Carol, Lonnie, Jimmy etc.) So, please lets continue Jammie Girls. Perhaps not next week with school starting but the week after?

Love you girl.


Shannon said...

Hooray!! I LOVE to read blogs-(brian says it is b/c I am so nosy)-whatever! Tell Cory good job naming it and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pic you added at the bottom. I may end up doing a blog, although I will be writing it geared to my sixth graders and our reading selections. Yea leigh!!!
Love you