Friday, August 22, 2008

Back to School, teachers and a busy day

Well, we have both Open Houses out of the way. We met the kids teachers and it feels like we are on the way to a good school year. Today we are going to finish our BTS shopping, now that we know the specifics for their particular classes. Cory seems most excited about his Social Studies teacher. Her room is WAY COOL. It looks like a museum of African/Asian art/artifacts and he heard she sometimes wears clothes representing the countries they are studying. I really liked what she had to say about her teaching methods and her belief that the kids would learn not only about how "different" other cultures seem to us, but how alike we really are as people. Jessie's teacher did her undergrad at my alma mater (Go 49er's) and she is 4 classes away from completing her master's at UNCC as well. She seemed perky and excited to be there, so we were excited too. Jessie could barely contain herself, as her best school friend, Bailey, is in her class again this year.
After our shopping, we get to have lunch with Brian, YEA! Later this afternoon I am going to help get ready for a wedding shower for our sweet April who will be marrying our worship pastor,Brandon, in October. Busy fun day ahead.....

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