Saturday, August 23, 2008

Fun Day

Today was a fun day! We started off by going to Jessie's 4-H leader's house to learn how to can tomatoes and to make plum jam. It was really fun and I learned alot too! Jennifer also made salsa. She was going to can it too, but we ate too much, so she sent it home with us. I am such a country girl "wanna be". Jennifer took us out on the "gator" riding on some trails around their house and it was the best!
The kids and I then went to Discount Furniture Outlet in Kannapolis, (my Daddy manages the store)and had free hotdogs and I took a free square dancing lesson from the dancers that were there to help Daddy promote the store. It was really fun. It was also fun to see Brandon,April and April's mom and grandmom there too.

That reminds me, April's shower was great last night. She is so sweet and was genuinely happy just to have people there. I don't think I have ever enjoyed watching an adult open gifts more. She is such a great role model for the girls in our church. The sweetness of her spirit just overflows and the joy of her heart is a blessing to all who know her!

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